“Awareness i.d. has extensive insight into the Vietnamese market that comes from nearly two decades of experience..."

Bobby McGill,

Founder/CEO Think Content Asia

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Awareness id is a multi international awarded and the only VALUE approaching PR consultant in Viet Nam.

The firm transforms stuck and deadlock business, brand or individual business by making them the most valuable, preeminant in the market recognized by publics, regardless financial strenght or special advantages.



Become a desired choice amongst brands in the maket.

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With expertise and experiences that have been proved in 18 years,  internationally recognized with 7 awards and through 800 cases in 40 categories, your case is ensured to be successful.


Our reputation and and strong connections with local government in Viet Nam, Asia and global to make sure you have all necessary impact 


Our consultants who work in different sectors in the country ensure any matters to success of business to be answered properly.


Our business model is to serve for business success. Your success is guaranteed

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Bobby McGill,

Founder/CEO Think Content Asia

“The team at Awareness i.d. has extensive insight into the Vietnamese market that comes from nearly two decades of experience providing communication strategies to some of the most well-known brands competing in one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies.” 

Le Anh Tuan

Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs. BAT

"Awareness id's commitment to excellence, strategic and out-of-the-box approach has set a new benchmark in providing results-oriented campaigns. As a lead in building values for our corporate, I understand the importance of engaging the right PR firm to turnour corporate, brands into high valuable and create outstanding in this very tough market for sensitive brands. They did it through preeminent, reputation strategy. Hiring Awareness id was an inspired decision for our company. This has resulted in incremental reputation growth and broader influences. I regard Awareness id as one of the very few best, and highly recommend Bao and his team to achieve success for any project or company."

Vincent Ng

​GM, Abbott Laboratories

Almost two decades ago, to have a global company operating in a fast growing opening economy with all its facets of changing uncertainties was more than challenges, to say the least.


Mr Bao, the founder of awareness Id was a rare find, who possessed the right mixed of expertise, contextual knowledge, and to hold hands with as fast emerging market leaders in pediatric and Medical Nutrition arena. Forming, steering and managing the company’ PR activities with the aim of optimizing its commercial value on hand and mitigating its stakeholders changing mindset towards a foreign company that was establishing its leadership position in the local healthcare industry were what we had gone through with much success and pride.


It is of no surprise to me that Awareness id has attained prominence to day and has continued to bag outstanding awards in the PR world. The founder has certainly infused his passion to build a formidable organization that has proven through the test of time. My heartiest congratulations and with best wishes to Mr Bao and Awareness id.

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"Reputation is NOT just being seen as good image, but also authority that influences and attracts the market."

Your have tried everything but still stuck, deadlock, no sale, low revenue even though your products or services are much better than any competitors. 


Because your corporate, brand or personal promises own no value recognized by your audiences that make consumers, partners can trust to do business with.

Reputation is the only way in today world can turn a company, a brand or a person into recognition by its audiences as the most prominent, valuable, and preeminent in the mareket.  

​Our reputation strategy have been recognized with 7 international awards in helping more than 800 clients win their competitions, gain  commercial results breakthroughs in 18 years.

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