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Awareness id Public Relations


Awareness id Public Relations

Since every company, brand, or individual has the potential to attain high worth by leveraging existing preeminence.

Why we are here?


If you own no value in today world, you are invisible, no reason for people to buy or do business with.


Reputation serves as the exclusive path to enable a business, brand, or individual to be selected by consumers and investors amidst market similarities, resulting in a increased worth.

At Awareness id, we call it

​Communication that matters...

Awareness id Public Relations

Our goal is to turn a company, brand or individual into a multi-million dollar version through reputation.

Awareness id focuses from day one on helping companies exploit their existing advantages, create a reputation, and thereby increase worth of the company or brand in the minds of customers and investors.

Established in 2002, we have already been awarded multiple awards for our innovative approaches and commitment to excellence. We have successfully advised more than 700 cases in 40 categories during 22 years. 

Our team of experienced consultants provide personalized strategies that help companies become top of reference in their respective industries and get chosen by consumer and investors.

Awareness id Public Relations


Bao Nguyen CEO Awareness id


Bao, who established Awareness id, was granted the Excellence in Public Relations award by the ASEAN Public Relations Network, an accolade endorsed by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). As a strategic advisor for over 22 years, he has provided counsel for more than 300 projects and campaigns. Bao is the founder of The VNPR and one of the founding members of the ASEAN Network of Public Relations. He is also a sought-after speaker for PR topics in Vietnam, such as media relations, crisis/issue management, and strategic communication, at various high-profile conferences. Bao holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree and is a member of the MCIPR in the UK..


Khanh Tran is in charge of IR activities at Awareness id.

Before assuming the full role at Awareness, Mr. Khanh was Investment Director at Prudential Vietnam after serving as Investment Director of Prudential Fund Management Company, where he managed US$1.4 billion FUM. in Vietnam including a portfolio of bonds/stocks/assets.


He is a well-known person in the Finance & Investment industry in the position of Investment Director of Ho Chi Minh City Urban Development Investment Fund (HIFU) - a fund of 100 million USD. He is appreciated for his broad knowledge and practice in making a company attractive in a market like Vietnam.


Khanh Tran holds a CFA degree and has extensive experience in transaction structuring including financial/legal and investment structuring for private equity trading.


He is a well-known figure in the government sector and has strong ties to the local investor communities at the top.


Khanh Tran Awarenesss managing partner
Awareness id Public Relations

​Managing Director

Awareness id Public Relations

Khanh TRAN

​Fund & Finance adviser

Awareness id Public Relations


Investment adviser

Awareness id Public Relations

Kevin DOAN 

Digital adviser

Awareness id Public Relations


Legal Adviser

Awareness id Public Relations


Marketing Adviser

Awareness id Public Relations

Chain value adviser

Awareness id Public Relations

Bobby McGILL 

Influence Adviser

Awareness id Public Relations


​Growth Adviser

Awareness id Public Relations



Awareness id is the most international awarded consultant in Viet Nam.

1. The Best Asean PR agency, Diamond Award, Asean Public Relations Awards, 2019.


2. The Best Campaign of the Year, The Marketing PR Awards 2017.


3. The Best Top 5 of the best Product Launching Category, PR Campaign of the Year 2015.


4. The Excellence in Public Relations Award 2014


5. The Best PR stunt of Marketing Event Awards 2012


6. The Asia Pacific Campaign of the Year, the Asia Pacific PR Awards 2007.


7. The The ASEAN PR Network’ Certification of Excellence in Public Relations, ASEAN countries 2014.

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