Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Kuching, Sarawat State, Malaysia. At 5pm, April 29, 2019. The Awards Council has decided to select Awareness id of Vietnam to award the Diamond Award in the Best ASEAN PR firm category, marking the first time in the ASEAN PR history an Independent Vietnamese company is named as the best in the region. This is also the first time that the public relations impact on the economy of the country and the region has been recognized in this ASEAN PR Awards.This Diamond Award (the highest tier among four award categories, including Gold, Silver and Bronze) recognizes PR Newswire's role in supporting outstanding online PR activities in the ASEAN communications industry.

Awareness id is the strategic PR consultant specializing in transforming businesses through reputation in Vietnam to become the first Vietnamese company to lead the category of Best Public Relations Company in Southeast Asia. Prior to that, Awareness id was selected as the Best PR firms amongst PR firms in Vietnam. Awareness id is selected by the Jury based on the results of advising customers, innovative responding to rapid changes and challenges in the industry. In addition, this award-winning representative must meet important criteria for contribution to the Southeast Asian economy.

Awareness id's greatest appreciated change is its focus on Reputation as the most effective approach PR in the digital age. The presence of reputable marketing has put PR, an area that is only considered to be used as a relationship, to become a highly strategic industry, helping to create a breakthrough and change the business status of businesses, especially businesses are deadlocked and inferior in competition. Reputation is considered the most optimal option in the digital age and filled with information as today by bringing unique to the business, the most valuable in the market and creating a reason to do business with.

Speaking to more than 200 hundred PR practitioners at the awards ceremony, Bao Nguyen, Executive Director and reputation marketing specialist, said: “We are glad that reputation has been at last recognized as good strategy for businesses, for the regional PR industry. We have witnessed a difficult period when the digital age appears. Now, the PR under the reputation strategy in the digital platform will continue to bring PR to a new level of high strategic in every business”.

Prita Kama, President and Founder of the ASEAN PR Association, said: "Everyone wants to succeed, but success comes only to those who have really made efforts to bring value to the industry and the community. Congratulations to Awareness id, the company deserves the title of the best PR in Southeast Asia at the International PR Award of Southeast Asia. This is an achievement for the team at Awareness id. We believe this event will bring PR practitioners to a new level”

Awareness id is the only consultant specializing in Reputation in Vietnam with a history of 17 years. Through reputable strategies such as building a reputation for businesses to become unique in the market; Individual reputation strategy helps CEOs create unique value for the business and management strategy to help companies cope with crisis, preventing and turn around crisis. Prior to this award, the company was awarded 6 international awards for expertise and achievements of international and regional.The Southeast Asia International PR Award is an annual event organized to honor the achievements of the QHCC sector as well as to find solutions to problems facing the region. This year, the award was held together with the Asian International Film Festival in anticipation of thousands of people, in Kuching, Sarawat Province, Malaysia.

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