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Your business in trouble, can't compete with the market, low revenue because in today world, you are not the most valuable in the market. And being known as a good company or brand is not enough to gain business results. 


Our reputation experts are capable to turn a company, a brand or an individual into the most valuable in the market where they are recognized by its target audiences as trusted and attractive to do business with, worthy and preeminent to choose instead of your competitors so that you can make breakthrough in business. 

Two Men in Office



It is mission impossible to win in today market in Viet nam if a company does not own influential to its key stakeholders including government, investors, associations, media and consumer groups.

Government engagement


Regulatory Advocacy


Risk Management & prevention


Crisis & issue management


Corporate profile building

​Corporate communications & public affairs

Grocery Shopping

Brand reputation


Customers do not buy your product for its famous but the most valued.


Unfortunately, It is very hard for a brand to attract buyers in competitive market with similarities today and a well known brand is no longer able to urge customers to pick amongst similar brands in the market.


The chosen brand  is the one that consumers themself view and recognize as the most trusted, valued rather than being stuffed by brand advertising



​At Awareness id we turn a brand into "the only" with high value and meaningful brand to desire for amongst players in the field. 

​In few months and from available resources and characters, we can build a brand reputation that is recognized by brand key stakeholders. 

Brand reputation strategy

3 Month Brand trust

Reputation risk evaluation

Brand crisis management

​Brand issue preventive and preparedness


​Personal reputation


It does not matter where you are from, what expertise you are or your education, we will exploits and transforms existing personal characteristics into an high profile, respected and appealing to the public.

  • Exploiting, discovering and turning existing personal characteristics into highly-paid products.

  • Exploring, combining passion into a unique business idea.

  • Position a unique and highly valued personal branding in a field.


  • Create a prominent name, power and influence quickly.

  • Create a flow of pay action followers

  • Selling information products


  • Monetising personal image


  • Create attractive business models and products with personal reputation.

  • Optimize and automate passive income